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We help businesses excel at results by combining smart people and location technology

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Who We Are

Your software development partner that goes the extra mile

Bizpoke is a Brazilian company with headquarter at Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo, that provides software development and GIS services, onshore and offshore. At Bizpoke, we combine top-notch software engineers and GIS professionals, state-of-the-art technologies, industry domain knowledge, software engineering best practices, and battle-proven modern processes and methodologies that enable our company to quickly and consistently deliver business value.

As a software company, we do love technology, and we always see it as means to drive business outcomes. Every technology decision here is business-oriented and must prove its business value. From the very early stages of business requirements and product/project inception to supporting operations in an Application Management Services scenario, our team is constantly trained and capable to deliver quality and business-oriented outcomes, in several phases of the software development life cycle.

Our team of certified professionals has decades of experience in software development and GIS implementation/customization/operation. Our experience and track record include systems in many paradigms like cloud-native, web, mobile, and desktop, using a diverse set of technologies, programming languages, and related tools. We have extensive experience in the Utilities industry domain, but we've been helping in dozens of other domains also. 

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From consultancy to product and project development, going over GIS services and Enterprise integration, Bizpoke offers a wide range of services that would fit your needs.

Software Development Professional Services

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Software development partner that goes the extra mile

We offer a team of experienced and certified software engineers, combined with best practices from software engineering, modern processes, and methodologies. Our team is constantly trained in industry domain knowledge and in software development topics to quickly achieve remarkable results. We have experience in several industries and  many technology stacks, being able to quickly adapt and help your company in getting results.


Enterprise GIS


Location information that improves your business outcomes

Our team of GIS specialists is ready to help your company to extract the maximum value of location data and analysis. From infrastructure sizing to custom development,  and also including installation and configuration, our team of certified ArcGIS professionals has decades of experience to help you quickly extract the highest potential from a GIS.


Enterprise Systems Integration


Connecting & integrating the best in class systems for best results

We help companies to connect and integrate enterprise systems resulting in simplified business processes, reduction in time to market, ability to create new products and services, cost reduction, increased efficiencies, improved interoperability, amongst many other benefits that can drive business differentiators to your company and make it stand out from the competitors

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What We Do

We help you to leverage business value from your location data.

Utility companies face a daunting challenge - they have to manage thousands (and sometimes even millions) of assets distributed in the field, 7 days in a week, 24 hours per day. If that's not complex enough, several variables must be carefully monitored and controlled to achieve optimal performance for every single asset and for the network as a whole, including the location of the asset, its age, operating environment, demand, maintenance, usage, and several other metrics.

In the Utility business, the individual performance of each asset contributes to the overall functioning of the network and the system as a whole, directly resulting in a contribution or detraction from the company's bottom line, customer satisfaction, and consistency of service delivery.

One of the foundational components of an efficient and effective asset management strategy is the utilization and integration of several specialized computer systems that support each line of business of the company. 

At Bizpoke, we help Utilities and other companies by designing, implementing, configuring, and customize ArcGIS solutions that provide location awareness to your business processes, ultimately extracting additional and hidden value from your already existing data, enabling your organization to collect field data and use it to support field operations, and integrating GIS with other corporate systems. 

From the standard installation/configuration of the ArcGIS platform to the complete customization through ArcGIS APIs, our team of developers and consultants has decades of experience in extracting business value from GIS and we are ready to help you in creating the next successful case of using location data to leverage business results.

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We are proud of serving some of the biggest companies helping them to extract better outcomes through purposeful software and location technology







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We’re happy to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about our business and how you can benefit from working with us.

Rua Corifeu de Azevedo Marques, 3202 - São José dos Campos - Brazil

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